Felt Purse Bag Organizer – Insert with zipper Bag Tote Shaper

Eighteen Colors

  • New material,Super lightweight
  • Imported
  • SIZE OF BAG ORGANIZER: Medium: 9.25(W)*5.9(H)*5.1(D) inch Fits Speedy 30 Perfectly. Slender Medium: 11.2(W)*6.5(H)*3.2(D)inch Fits Graceful PM. Large: 11.4(W)*7.1(H) *5.9(D)inch Fits Speedy 35 and Neverfull MM Perfectly. Slender Large: 13.78(W)*5.9(H)*3.35(D)Fit Graceful MM and Delightful PM Perfectly. X-Large:13.4(W)*7.1(H)*6.7(D)inch fits Speedy 40 and Neverfull GM Perfectly. Portable and Compact Purse Perfectly For any Brand.
  • KEEP BAG CLEAN&SHIPSHAPE:13 Pockets Total Purse Organizer,3 exterior pockets, 10 interior pockets with singly detachable pocket in the middle which can keep valuable articles or used as a separate wallet after detached. Extra detachable long felt keys chain help find the keys easily.. It keeps everthing neat and well organized shaped.
  • BETTER PROTECT:Felt Purse Organizer with High quality and New Materials are made of Sturdy ,Soft and pliable, Lightweight Felt fabric makes your purse a better protect.The Zipper of the organizer are made of Metal, Durable, Fashion and smoother sturdy and keeps your bag shape and shipshape.
  • CHANGE YOUR PURSE IN A SECOND:LEXSION New purse organizer with detachable Inner partition,can meet your needs for different spaces or avoid stuffs mixing inside the organizer.change your purse in a second without rearranging the stuffs of your purse, allowing you go out early in the busy morning.
  • WARRANTY AND OTHER ITERMS :kindly Measure the Interior Length, Width and Height of Your Handbag with a Measuring Tape please. CHECK the SIZE CHART before PURCHASING IT PLS!!! Choose any color you like. All of Purse Organizer from LEXSION with 1 Year Hassle-free Warranty. Contact Us If Anything Comes Up And We Will Do Our Best To Get It Done In 24 Hours. We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction After-sale Service For This Item.
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Felt Purse Bag Organizer – Insert with zipper Bag Tote Shaper Fit Speedy Neverfull

Size Chart
  • Medium Organizer
    Approx. 9.25 length x 5.2 wide x 5.9 high (unit inch)–Fits LV Speedy 30 perfectly .
  • Large Organizer
    Approx. 11.5 length x 5.9 wide x 7.1 high (unit inch)–Fits Speedy 35 and Neverfull MM perfectly.
  • X-Large Organizer
    Approx. 13.4 length x 6.7 wide x 7.1 high (unit inch)–fits Speedy 40 and Neverfull GM perfectly
Many Bag Sizes Reference
  1. LV speedy 25 Dimensions is:9.8 length x 5.9 wide x 7.4 high (unit inch)
  2. LV speedy 30 Dimensions is:11.8 length x 6.6 wide x 8.2 high (unit inch)
  3. LV speedy 35 Dimensions is:13.6 length x 7.0 wide x 9.0 high (unit inch)
  4. LV Neverfull PM Dimensions is:11.2 length x 5.1 wide x 8.6 high (unit inch)
  5. LV Neverfull MM Dimensions is:12.6 length x 6.4 wide x 11.4 high (unit inch)
  6. LV Neverfull GM Dimensions is:15.5 length x 7.9 wide x 12.8 high (unit inch)
BEST Organizered Bag you’ll ever own!
  1. It makes everything well packed and looks very clean neatly.
  2. It helps retrieve items in seconds.
  3. It makes changing bags a second.
  4. It keeps your Handbag shape and shipshape
  5. It protects your items inside handbag
Sturdy Handles!!! Easily Transports your Belongings from One Bag to Another

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