Catify Cat Scratcher Pad / Toy / Tree by Best Supplies


5 Pack Round, Cat-Shape, Droplet
Infinity, LoungerI, Lounger Ii

Narrow (4 Pack), Round w/ Condo
Seesaw, Slope Scratcher (2 Pack)
Square, Whale, Wide (3 Pack)


Cat Scratcher, Cat Tree

  • DESIGNED TO LAST: Hardened corrugated cardboard gives our sturdy cat scratching pads enhanced durability to withstand daily use and keeps your furniture scratch-free
  • CONTEMPORARY STYLING: You’ll love the eye-catching design of Catify cardboard cat scratchers, which spruces up any space and gives your kitty a stylish pad to lounge and stretch
  • FRESH CATNIP INCLUDED: Your feline friend will take to this premium decorative cat scratcher immediately. Just sprinkle some of the included catnip on it and watch the satisfying scratching begin
  • APPROACH: All our cat scratching cardboard loungers are made using 100% non-toxic recyclable materials to keep the environment safe as your kitty has a total ball
  • 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE: We fully stand behind our cat scratchers. Click ‘Add to Cart’ now for a heavy-duty scratch pad that keeps your furniture intact & your pet happily purring away!


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Catify Cat Scratcher Pad / Toy / Tree by Best Supplies

Color:Whale | Style:Cat Scratcher

  • Satisfy your KITTY; SPARE YOUR FURNITURE Looking to prevent your active kitty from tearing up your carpet, shredding your drapes, and ripping your couch? That’s what these scratching pads are all about! Unlike regular scratch boxes for cats that barely last a week, Catify scratchers are made using reinforced corrugated cardboard compacted to last almost twice as long as others.
  • And we’ve included 4 in a pack to satisfy your cat’s natural urge to scratch for longer and give you great Bang for your buck. Here’s what separates Catify scratch pads from the rest: – Comes with fresh catnip to spark interest immediately.
  • – Satisfies your cat’s natural instinct to scratch, sparing your furniture. – Unique design improves durability. – Large enough for your pet to relax, stretch, and play away. – Made using 100% recyclable materials for an touch.
  • – Completely non-toxic to ensure your pet is perfectly safe. – come in a pack of 3 to give you great value for money. – Backed by the Best Pet Supplies, Inc., Inc., Inc., Inc., Inc., Inc. 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.


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