YA-MAN Optical Beauty Machine


Detects automatically the movement
distance while rolling on the skin.
Possible to do efficient waste
hair care. Even narrow areas like
fingers or under the nose are
treated without missing target hair.
Equipped with a Skin Color Sensor.
Can Treat with an Irradiation Level
Suited to Each Individual's Skin.
You can feel both the gentleness to
the skin and the treatment effect.

OCEANE-Beauty Anti Aging-Age Defying Nourishing

For your face ensures a more energized
and radiant skin complexion. Looking for
an anti-aging face cream, Try this serum
to keep skin looking fresh and revitalized.
Contains a special ingredient: extra-fine,
natural black pearl powder. Adds a
luminescent glow to the top layer of skin.
While allowing the vitamin, botanical,
and anti-aging ingredients to
penetrate deeper and more effectively.
Made in the USA to ensure the highest
quality standard, using only the finest
ingredients. Black Pearl Powder
anti-aging serum will help give you
the luminous, smooth skin you've been


YA-MAN Optical Beauty Machine


Equipped to Limit the Maximum Flash
Level According to the Skin Color.
Even if you are new to Optical
Beauty Machine, you can use
it with confidence.


Facial Beauty Slimming Products


Optimized for skin tightening and
cellulite operation.Improve the
sufficient absorption condition
of diet products.Experience the
fat reduction.Also enjoy tighter,
toner skin.See immediate visible
results.Long term and natural results.
Easy and user-friendly LCD touch
screen.This 5mw led system can adopt
light to penetrate skin deep level
to stimulate metabolism in result in
keep result after slimming operation.
Displaying preset operation guidelines
that help to optimize the results.